Middle School Sample Lessons/Activities

Below are a few sample lessons to get you started teaching about digital footprints. Make sure to check out the rest of the videos and links to other resources provided throughout the website.   





Teachers - View the following video with your class. If students have their own device you may choose to have them do that activity on their own.

  • Students - Think about the video you watched. There were 10 things listed throughout the video defining what you should NOT post/share. List them all 

  • Note - Students may list these in a Google Doc and share them with the teacher or write them down on a piece of paper. Teachers mays also opt to have students create a presentation containing these 10 things and define what each means using pictures and greater detail


Teachers - The following is an activity from Kahoot! If you are not familiar with it, this is a game based site/app that may played by the whole class in real time. Games may be played for fun, as a quiz or test review. Students may visit the Kahoot website and join the activity from that location or they may download the app if they have a smartphone.


You may find the MyDigitalFootprints Kahoot activity located HERE. Teachers will need to sign in or sign up for a Kahoot account before being able to view the activity. Once in, you can begin the Kahoot activity or duplicate and add it to your own account to use later.


More lesson plans and activities may be found at NetSmartz - These are free to educators. Create an account and download lessons and other resources for your grade level.


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