High School Sample Lessons/Activities

Below are a few sample lessons to get you started teaching about digital footprints. Make sure to check out the rest of the videos and links to other resources provided throughout the website.



Have students view the following video:


  • Have students use an Internet-connected device and go to the join.quizizz.com website and enter the Game Code 213343 to take the "Digital Footprint" online quiz 

      (If they have a smartphone, they can         download the quizizz app).


Teachers: Every school district should survey their students (especially high school and middle school) to determine some important factors about the technology that is available to them and how they are using it. HERE is a link to a Google Form Survey that I have used to survey our high school and middle school students. 


Feel free to make a copy of it for yourself, add or delete questions as desired and share it with your students to complete. It should give you a relatively clear picture of where your students are coming from.



Teachers: Go to www.teachingchannel.org and take a moment to sign up for this free site for teachers that includes lots of great lessons for several subjects, including some helpful activities for digital citizenship/digital footprints.

After you sign up, select the following link for access to a lesson about the dangers of sexting.

More lesson plans and activities may be found at NetSmartz - These are free to educators. Create an account and download lessons and other resources for your grade level.


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