Not sure where to begin teaching your students about their digital footprints? Below are a few activity starters and links to get the conversation started. Make sure to check out the rest of the videos and links to other resources provided throughout this website.


Activity 1

Teachers - Show video:

  • Teachers - Discuss the details of the video and what means with your students. Ask questions like...

    • Anyone know what you call the advertisements that "pop-up" on your computer screen?​

    • How many people were in the room and playing the game?

    • Why is it important to always have an adult (Mom or Dad) in the room with you when you use the Internet?

    • What might have happened if the little boy clicked on the pop-up instead of clicking on the X to close the pop-up advertisement?

    • Why is it important NOT to click on pop-up windows of any kind?



Activity 1

Teachers - View the following video with your class. If students have their own device you may wish to have them do that activity on their own.

  • Students - Think about the video you watched. There were 10 things listed throughout the video defining what you should NOT post/share. List them all 

  • Note - Students may list these in a Google Doc and share them with the teacher or write them down on a piece of paper. Teachers mays also opt to have students create a presentation containing these 10 things and define what each means using pictures and greater detail


Activity 1

Select from one of the three levels below to view a few sample lessons that will get your students started learning about digital footprints.





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