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My Digital Footprints was born as a result of a small group of people who had the same goal. We met through Project Leadership in Huron County, Ohio. Each year, Project Leadership provides training to a group of local leaders from various organizations throughout the county. The purpose of Project Leadership is to develop better leaders through a series of training sessions, visits to local businesses and the development and implementation of a project that will help improve our county in some way. 

Teens are making mistakes online that often come back to haunt them for many years. Our team felt a strong conviction to try and stop some of these mistakes before they happen. The My Digital Footprints program was created to help youth become safe and savvy digital citizens. We teach them about the trail they leave behind when posting information, pictures and other forms of data online and provide tips for cleaning up and managing their digital footprints.


We would be happy to work with your school or organization to provide training or help connect you with someone else who can. Email us or complete the fields under the Contact Us link for more information. Feel free to browse our site for information and resources that may help you teach your child or students about how they can begin to manage their digital footprints with intention.


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